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Move-In Ready sales are designed for First-Time Home Buyers looking to purchase a home that has already been renovated.


You can view and download the COMPLETE Move-In Ready Policy by clicking here.

M/W/DBE contractors seeking opportunities to work with NLB, click here for more information

Properties offered for purchase are quality homes fully rehabilitated by local M/W/DBE contractors engaged by NLB. Buyers are required to reside in the property as their principal residence for five (5) consecutive years. Buyers must obtain a verifiable pre-approval for a mortgage loan. Properties are sold for best qualified offer.

Carefully read and understand the Move-In Ready policy 1. Register to create an NLB account
2. Pay the $50 application fee
3. Submit application
4. NLB will schedule a date for you to visit the property
5. Should you wish to proceed, complete and submit a Complete Offer in accordance with the Move-In Ready Policy.