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Do you want to own AND occupy?

Do you have access to funds to purchase and repair?

PRO Newark Homeownership sale may be right for you! PRO Newark Homeownership helps First-Time Home Buyers successfully purchase homes to rehabilitate, and live in. Eligible properties are sold to qualified applicants that can demonstrate a clear intent and ability to undertake the appropriate rehabilitation and reside in the property as their principal residence for seven (7) consecutive years after a Certificate of Occupancy or Certificate of Continued Occupancy is received by the buyer.

Properties purchased through the PRO Newark Homeownership Sale are subject to a deed restriction for a period of 20 years. click here forrestriction details.

  • Buyers are required to reside in the property as their principal residence for seven (7) consecutive years.

  • Buyers must show proof of ability to finance, at a minimum, the cost of acquisition & renovation (property bid amount plus the total cost of renovation plus 10% renovation reserve amount)

  • Applicants, at their sole expense, may hire licensed contractors to perform rehabilitation work on their behalf. NLB assumes no liability for contractors hired by the applicant.

  • Properties are sold to the most qualified bidder.

To apply for a PRO Newark Homeownership property:
  • Carefully read and understand the PRO Newark Homeownership policy. click here to view and download.

  • Register to create an NLB account

  • Complete the Property Purchase Application and Pay the $50 non-refundable application fee

  • Submit application

  • 5. NLB will schedule a date for qualified applicants to inspect the property

  • Should you wish to proceed, complete and submit the Bid Package in accordance with the PRO Newark Homeownership Policy.