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The City of Newark designated Invest Newark as the land bank entity for the City of Newark via ordinance 6PSF-a, adopted April 4, 2020. The ordinance, as well as state law, mandates that the Newark Land Bank create a Community Advisory Board to provide input into the land bank’s operations.

Section I: Name:

Newark Land Bank Community Advisory Board

Section II: Purpose:

    The purposes of the Newark Land Community Advisory Board (CAB) are to:

  1. to provide feedback regarding decisions and operations of Newark Land Bank (NLB); and
  2. provide the public an opportunity to be heard on programming and the impact on the community of policy decisions
Section III: Authority

The CAB serves solely in an advisory capacity, and in no case shall have an authority to exercise any control over the daily management or operation of the land bank.

Section IV: Responsibilities
  • Review and advise on the operations of NLB
  • Report annually on the accuracy, integrity, accessibility, and comprehensiveness of the Land Bank website
  • Attend community meetings and functions
  • Inform the community of the Land Banks purpose, policies, programs, and events
  • Distribute information about the Land Bank to the community
  • Communicate community-wide feedback to the Land Bank on the impact, reception, and perception of its policies and programs
  • Notify the Land Bank of community programs and events that are relevant to the Land Bank’s mission
  • Assist NLB with strategic planning
Section V: Membership

Newark Land Bank Community Advisory Board members will reasonably represent the diverse needs and interests of the community.

  1. Composition: Members must be must be a representative of a recognized community association or a non-profit organization operating within the City of Newark.
  2. Recruitment: NLB staff may solicit CAB member recommendations from Municipal Council Members, Community Meeting attendees, Newark’s Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) and Special Improvement Districts (SIDs), and local non-profit community organizations. CAB candidates will be required to complete an application, provide a resume, pass a background check, and interview with NLB staff. Recruitment efforts for the CAB will be an ongoing process until the board is fully staffed.
  3. Appointment: CAB member selection will be made by a committee comprised of a representative of each of the following: City of Newark Office of the Business Administrator, NLB staff, Invest Newark Board of Directors, a Community Partner, and a member of the Community BIDs and SIDs (“Selection Committee”).
  4. Size: The CAB will consist of between five (5) and eleven (11) members, appointed by the Selection Committee. A quorum of the CAB shall be a simple majority of the members. Additional members may be nominated and appointed as deemed necessary to complete the goals and objectives of the NLB.
  5. Term of Service: CAB members shall serve a term of two years. Cab members shall not be automatically appointed to a new term. CAB members may be reappointed to additional twoyear terms by the Selection Committee.
  6. Non-Disclosure- CAB members shall be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.
  7. Conflict of Interest:
    • CAB members must recuse themselves from discussions, votes, or internal discussion on matters relating to any organization, entity or individual where their impartiality in the deliberation or vote might be reasonably questioned, and are prohibited from attempting to influence other CAB members in the deliberation.
    • CAB members shall not use or attempt to use their position on the CAB to secure unwarranted privileges for themselves, members of their family or others.
    • CAB members are not permitted to directly or indirectly conduct business or any financial transaction in connection with the Newark Land Bank, whether it be on a personal or business basis. Any CAB member that violates this policy, shall face immediate termination from the CAB.
    • In the event that a CAB member is indicted or criminally charged, that CAB member shall immediately step down from his or her position until such time as the indictment or criminal charges have been concluded. In the event that the indictment or criminal charge is concluded favorably to the CAB member, that person may be permitted to return to the position upon approval by the Selection Committee if a vacant seat is available on the CAB. In the event that a CAB member shall be convicted or plead guilty to a criminal charge, the termination from the CAB shall remain permanent.
  8. Removal: A CAB member may be removed by the Selection Committee for violation of the Community Advisory Board policies and guidelines.

  9. Section VI: Officers
    1. Coordinator and a Recorder will be appointed annually by the CAB from among its members.
    2. Duties of the Coordinator are to assist in the development of the CAB meeting agenda, bring together members to facilitate the CAB meetings, and be the point of contact for NLB staff.
    3. Duties of the recorder are to keep and distribute the Minutes as described in Section VIII: Documentation.
    4. Once setup, the CAB members can determine the leadership structure for the group.
    Section VII: Meetings
    1. The CAB will meet quarterly via a remote platform.
    2. Additional meetings may be held at the discretion of the CAB or at the request of NLB.
    3. All meetings are open to the public.
    Section VIII: Documentation
    1. The CAB will keep minutes, including attendance and voting records, of its official meetings and actions.
    2. The CAB will report its findings and recommendations to NLB in a timely manner following each CAB meeting.
    3. On an annual basis, CAB will report on the accuracy, integrity, accessibility, and comprehensiveness of the NLB website.
    4. Minutes and reports of the CAB will be kept on file at NLB and made available on the NLB website.
    Section IX: Budget
    1. Membership on the Newark Land Bank Community Advisory Board is strictly voluntary. Members will not receive any compensation for their participation.
    2. All professional fees relating to the activities or services provided by the Community Advisory Board are to be funded through the NLB and Invest Newark.
    3. The Community Advisory Board does not have the authority, absent the approval of the NLB, to hire professionals in connection to the board.
    Section X: Revisions to the Policy

    Revisions to this policy may be made as deemed necessary to meet the goals and objectives of the Newark Land Bank.